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08/13/2019 by HOM

Manhattan, and even nearby boroughs, have become somewhat undesirable to many potential homeowners due to the limited inventory and other factors such as noise and traffic. For those that may be looking for a desirable neighborhood without all the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, look no further. Bronxville is a great neighborhood with amazing schools, an easy commute and lovely downtown area. Bronxville Village covers one-square mile in the town of Eastchester, in the County of Westchester just 15 miles north of Manhattan.

Many first-time homeowners or families make up a portion of the approximate population of 6500. ‘Charm’ and ‘convenience’ are some words residents use to describe the neighborhood. With a walkable downtown and a tight knit community, Bronxville proves to be quite a welcoming place. In a time where our world can seem hectic, Bronxville provides a comforting environment where residents are said to truly embrace everyone.

Bronxville’s busy downtown covers several blocks around the Metro-North Railroad station. Homes range from various price points and from several acre lots to condominium buildings to townhomes – there is something for everyone. In a recent New York Times article, Gerry Iagallo, the village’s assessor, said there are 1,149 single-family homes and 25 multi-family homes, as well as approximately 800 cooperative apartments in 26 complexes and 216 condominiums in five complexes. There are also 12 rental complexes with roughly 271 apartments. Mary Marvin, the Mayor, noted that 40 percent of the residents live in co-ops, condos or apartments.

You can read more about Bronxville in this article from the New York Times – https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/31/realestate/bronxville-ny-an-affluent-village-15-miles-from-manhattan.html

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