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09/28/2018 by HOM

Fleetwood, New York

When it comes to New York State, people need to be reminded that there is so much more to this incredible state than just New York City.  We previously dove into the benefits of living in Westchester County and here we take an even deeper look into a specific and completely unique area – the Fleetwood neighborhood.

This neighborhood was recently named the county’s ‘best kept secret’, but The New York Times and other reviews speak for themselves. Fleetwood is located on the north side of Mount Vernon closer to Bronxville.

Affordability is a huge draw for those looking to purchase their first house or COOP apartment or just downsize.  And the taxes are low.  It has a small town feel with modern conveniences.  And the business district on North Gramatan has much to offer with many lovely restaurants and shops.

The whole area covers about one and half square miles with a population of fewer than 20,000 people and is known for its diversity.

Fleetwood is also a very accessible area, driving-wise as it is super close to many major roadways.  It has its own Metro-North station and it only takes about 30 minutes via express train to get to Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

Fleetwood might be more of an open secret as the last couple of years, builders have begun planning luxury rentals and looking into other development projects.  If you’re in Westchester, check out Fleetwood.

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