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11/25/2019 by HOM

Pricing your home correctly is the single most important decision you will make when selling your home.   As the market fluctuates, one must fluctuate too.

There are many aspects to consider when setting the price-

age of the house, location of the house, condition of the house, condition of the property, quality of upgrades (if applicable), etc.  Reviewing these outcomes can be an emotional journey, so having an experienced agent working with you throughout the process is extremely helpful.

Also, if a homeowner needs to sell their home quickly, it is even more critical to set the right price.  This is the time to be honest and evaluate what your home is truly worth. At Houlihan & O’Malley, our trusted advisors are there to ensure that you price your home appropriately and at a price you are comfortable with. When you hire an experienced agent, this process becomes significantly easier.

The first 2-3 weeks on the market is the most critical time for a listing.  An appropriately priced house will get lots of activity and peek the right buyers interest.  If your home is not selling at the price you want, you may want to consider other factors.  This is where a great agent can help you out.

Remember-it is not personal, it is business and that business is getting your house on the market for the right price.

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