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09/10/2019 by HOM

As real estate agents, part of our job is to be on top of the real estate markets that we work in. We need current market data so we can identify market trends so that we can provide valuable advice to our buyer and seller clients.  One of the tools we have developed we call Market Snap Shots.  Each ‘snap shot’ isolates the market data for a specific location and tracks it over a ten-year period.

We would like to share a sampling of our snap shots updated through August 31 with you.  If you click on this link, it will open an excel work book with 6 separate sheets.  Each sheet is for one of the specific markets we work in. The sample markets we selected are:

  1. Bronxville Village single family homes (not including townhouses)
  2. Bronxville PO area of Yonkers single family homes
  3. Eastchester school district single family homes
  4. Tuckahoe school district single family homes
  5. Crestwood single family homes – City of Yonkers with 10707 zip code
  6. Scarsdale school district single family homes

These sheets are packed with information. On each sheet, take a look at the column headed Median Price. As you scan down this column you will get a feel for where prices are heading in that market.  In Bronxville Village, Bronxville PO and Scarsdale, you can see that the median prices have been dropping for each of the past two to three years.  Conversely in Eastchester, Tuckahoe and Crestwood median prices are holding steady. The trend is that more expensive markets are experiencing price resistance.

Another key data point is the Total # of Sales column. In some cases, this simply indicates a lack of homes coming on the market.  In most cases it will tell you how strong demand is in that location.

If you would like more info on these markets or are interested in another market, just let us know.

Copy of Market Snap Shot#1 9.4.19

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