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08/27/2020 by HOM

Now is the perfect time to turn attention to your house. Cleaning isn’t just for the Springtime anymore.  This Fall, why not give your home some extra curb appeal? The goal is to make the home’s exterior look crisp and clean and help it stand out, thus increasing your chances of enticing potential buyers to want to take a peek inside and increase your potential of selling your home quickly.

Here are some helpful hints:

  1. Get the dirt, moss, and cobwebs off your home’s exterior by using a power washer or a regular hose with a power washing attachment.   And, while you’re at it, clean off your outdoor lawn furniture.
  2. Wash your windows. A hose with a window washing attachment can get windows shiny and clean. And remember to clean inside windows, too, for the most sparkle. Don’t want to do it yourself? Get references and hire a professional window washer.
  3. Clean and polish outdoor fixtures, especially on the front door and entryway. Metal polishes do a great job in making your hardware gleam.
  4. You might not realize it, but the roof plays an important role in curb appeal too. Is your roof missing any shingles? Is it dingy and streaked? If so, a good cleaning or, if necessary, new roofing will go a long way toward improving your home’s desirability.
  5. Fix stone walkways, driveway and retaining walls that were ruined by bad weather, road salt, or careless plowing.  The best way to find a top-notch mason is to check with neighbors/friends or ask your Realtor for a referral. They usually have a list of trusted vendors handy.
  6. Clean out garden beds and top them with natural mulch, which will help the soil retain moisture and give the beds a neat look. You may also need to reseed or add sod to areas of your lawn that are a bit bald.
  7. If your driveway has taken a beating over the years, think about repairing the cracks or even repaving it.
  8. Lastly, position pots of flowers on the front and back of your home to add more color. And, even though you can’t see it, fragrance can have a big impact on a person’s experience when they enter your home. Consider something floral, fresh herbs or now with the autumn upon us, there is nothing more refreshing than the smell of apples & cinnamon or pumpkin spice.

If you’re ready to sell your home, contact us.  Our team of expert agents will help you prepare your home and get you the best price!


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